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  • Battlefield 5 Company Coin Has Send To Players Affected By Bug
    Heure : Jan. 25, 2019

    In what is likely to be the last act of a persistent problem in Battlefield V Origin CD Key, DICE retroactively awarded the players one-off Battlefield V Company Coin, who was afected by the problem . The subsidy is equal to the amount of the Company Coin that each player would normally have earned if they were not affected by the bug. The bug affected many players who had reached Rank 50 and prevented them from winning the company coins, thus preventing them to spend in-game currency on Company upgrades.

    The problem turned out to be extremely difficult to solve. In fact, DICE apologized to the players for the time it took to implement a fix. Yesterday, the studio could apply a complete fix that should have solved the error.

    Today, DICE has given the players one-off Battlefield V Company Coin. It was something that the studio had promised, and it seems that the book finally closes on this subject.

    According to the study, the error was somewhere in the communication between Battlefield V Origin CD Key and the backend. With all the changes made, there was a risk that all other parts of this communication would be interrupted and DICE had to be extremely careful. Fortunately, now all players are free of the bug and be reimbursed for any lost currency.

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